Unshaped products

Plastic masses:

We offer ready-to-use repair, leveling, painting, patching and ramming compounds and mortars.
Raw materials based on alumina, silica, zirconium and fireclay as well as lightweight fillers and ceramic or biosoluble fibers are used.
The binding systems range from ceramic to chemical to combined binders.
The required processability is ensured by a wide range of additives.

ISOPLAST – products:

Our ISOPLAST products occupy a special position. These filler and patch compounds containing fibers and high alumina can be used almost universally in a number of applications. Particularly suitable for maintaining and extending the service life of aluminum spouts and runners and other units in the aluminum industry, they are also often used for repairing and lining power plants or reheating systems (forging, walking beam furnaces).

This product combines several advantages:

  • Ready-to-use delivery in a bucket or cartridge.
  • Shelf life – guaranteed 6 months in a sealed bucket.
  • Air drying and curing.
  • Low temperatures (80 ° C) are sufficient to adjust strength and properties.
  • Both insulating and suitable for melt contact (aluminum).
  • Does not contain any alkalis or phosphates that could attack adjacent components or contaminate the melt.
  • High fire resistance and emergency running properties.
  • Good adhesion to ceramic and metal.
  • Also available with biosoluble AES fibers (shelf life guaranteed 4 months).

Our ready-to-use products can be purchased in buckets of 1kg, 8.5kg, 15kg and 25kg. We also offer 500g cartridges, which are particularly advantageous in hard-to-reach areas or when working overhead.
Special packaging can also be implemented on request.

Dry mixes:

Our strengths are chemically setting coatings for fiber linings as well as fiber-containing lightweight compounds for insulating applications and molded parts (e.g. hot top rings).
In addition, we offer hydraulically setting compounds in cooperation with the company Oxyd-Keramik.

Contract mixing and filling:

We offer the mixing and filling of plastic and dry masses as contract manufacturing according to your recipe or your product.
Feel free to contact us for a product test and a non-binding offer.