Our strengths:

Our strengths are undoubtedly in small and medium series of ceramic, refractory components and mixtures.
The annual capacity in single-shift operation is 2,000t plastic and 2,500t dry mixtures as well as refractory components in the quantity range from 1 to 3,000 p.a.

For small purchase quantities of unshaped products or if a qualified contact person is required on site, we work together with several dealers who also offer professional support.


We are an owner- & family-run small business and stand for the quality of our products with our name.

In the event of a complaint the way is very short, which enables quick troubleshooting. For these reasons, we have refrained from certification to this day, which allows our focus to be closer to the product and, not least, has a positive economic effect for you.

If the customer requests further examinations, we are able to offer these. For this purpose we work with a certified laboratory for ceramic refractory materials.

Our services: